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This page is dedicated to all the wrestling fans who have followed me and the wrestling business for years.   I salute you in your curiosity and fandom.   Welcome to my website,  the Infamous University of Dutch

Here you’ll find TRUE stories from the road that you can read for FREE and some old photos from my personal archive.  Also, you can find out where else to find me on the web as I make several appearances per week doing podcasts and I’d love for you to join me.   Plus, you’ll find select UoD merchandise that you’ll enjoy for years like my books and the University of Dutch Diploma that certifies that you’ve completed years of study trying to master the World of Pro Wrestling  Even Vince McMahon doesn’t hold that diploma. 

I’m inviting you here to enjoy some great old school wrestling stories and introduce you to how life years ago in the wrestling world doesn’t even resemble what it’s like today.  Plus…some weeks, I’ll just comment on what’s gone on in the wrestling world and what I expect to happen.  Of course, I don’t know but since I spent 30 years behind the wall, I can predict with a certain air of correctness, what’s going to happen.  But I’ve been fooled before but that’s the beauty of pro wrestling.  You never know till you know.   If you want to comment, please do.  Just remember to keep it civil and respect everybody that responds or interacts with you.  Enjoy.  

~”Dirty” Dutch Mantell

President and Dean


Video of the week about some muppet singing a well known song

“Worked with the greats, the near greats, the never will be greats and then...what ever was left over. “

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It’s the OFFICIAL UNIVERSITY OF DUTCH diploma that awards a PhD in the Wrestling ARTS. 

Your diploma will be individually made, packaged and shipped as quickly as possible and it will display your name prominently as the graduate who has completed the required hours of study. It comes with the official GOLD STAMP OF APPROVAL and is signed by not only the Dean of the UoD, Dirty Dutch Mantell but also the University Provost, Zeb Colter. Diploma comes ready to hang and put in a frame and displayed and will arrive in it’s own beautiful diploma holder. 

So the next time your buddy, who thinks he knows wrestling history comes over and says something stupid, you can now say to him, “where did you get your wrestling degree from”?  Then you can proudly show him your very own UNIVERSITY OF DUTCH diploma.  Ready to hang and display for the world to see.  


plus $5 S&H.
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If you haven’t read my two wrestling books and you’re a reader, you’ll be highly entertained when you read these two. Basically, they’re old stories from the territory days and if they weren’t recorded and written down, these great old stories would just fade in the sunset.

So the next time you’re debating wrestling with a friend, ask them where did they get their wrestling diploma from? Of course, they’ll have no answer. Then just turn and point out to them where you got yours!!

The World According to Dutch was my 1st book followed a year later by the equally entertaining Tales From a Dirt Road.  And if you haven’t purchased these books yet, you’re missing out.  These books should be required reading for every serious wrestling fans who respect not only the tradition but the artistry involved in mastering this profession.   Plus…I have a lot of old road stories that either I’ve participated in or heard some old timers tell stories while I drove them thousands of miles on the way to and back from wrestling events. 

Read the famous story of Randy “MachoMan” Savage tangling with a police dog on a fateful night in Nashville, TN. at a local Wafflle House.  And the tragic night in San Juan, Puerto Rico when Bruiser Brody was stabbed in a locker room by another wrestler and died several hours later.  Plus the entire story of Andy Kaufman facing off against Jerry “the King” Lawler in Memphis’ sold out MidSouth Coliseum and the backstage actions of Kaufman. You’ll never hear it anywhere else.  Here I tell hair raising stories of literally fighting crowds of fans in a very dangerous enviroment in San Juan, Puerto Rico and how I finally got hired…in my mid 60’s to manage a young and inexperienced John Bradshaw.  Bar fights, late night motel fights, parking lot fights and flights from LA to NYC and then to Miami in 24 hours.  Yes…we all did it.  Was it fun?  No so much then but it was the life we chose.  Don’t pass up on these books.  

I have a 3rd book coming out…hopefully by Christmas 2023 so be looking out for that one.  That will cover my WWE run and how that all came about.  

Please remit via PayPal via dirtydutchmantell@gmail.com

Please include how you’d like the book signed and to whom and enclose a return shipping address. This offer valid only in the United States. Other countries have suddenly upped their postal fees especially in Europe and the UK and we are not responsible for international shipping charges.  These books make great gifts for any wrestling fan and non-wrestling fans as well.  


If you haven’t read my two wrestling books and you’re a reader, you’ll be highly entertained when you read these two. Basically, they’re old stories from the territory days and if they weren’t recorded and written down, these great old stories would just fade in the sunset.