Dirty Dutch vs. Jerry Lawler Faceoff in Memphis

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Welcome everyone to The University of Dutch where we’ll cover the happenings of the wrestling world and delve into the complicated doings of the industry.  We take no credit for getting things wrong.  After being in the wrestling profession, believe me there’s no getting it right either.  It is what it is.

I’ve worked on this website for a year or so trying to get it functional.  I hope it is…if not, it’s just par for the course.  It’s a simple design.  I don’t need a huge spread…I’m just one guy in a sea of millions.  I will add sporadically brand new content because I like to write and in expressing my opinion,  it is what it is. My opinion.  Margin of error…100%.

Every Friday night I watch SmackDown then AEW’s Rampage and after it’s all over, I join my two cohorts on @Sportskeeda.com to critique the 2 shows.  We hold nothing back.  If we think it’s good, we say that.  If it sucks, we