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The University of Dutch is now holding virtual wrestling sessions online!!  


ANNOUNCING TODAY:  I get all kinds of questions from guys and gals too about how to get into the wrestling business. That’s easy really. Just find you a local wrestling school and start training.   But those schools for the most part, IMO, aren’t qualified to teach pro wrestling and they’re expensive. Before you sign up, look up who owns the school and who are the instructors.  Most of the time, you’ll find they’re just people who never really made it anywhere in the wrestling profession.  Most of them are former indy workers who never advanced past the indy stage.  That’s not to say they’re incompetent…but…they’re incompetent to teach wrestling on a broader scale.  But today, I’m offering a fee based service in mentoring, tutoring and advising potential talent on where to take their career in today’s crazy wrestling world. 

Don’t take the word of a local wrestling school to tell you anything useful.  That’s really not their fault.  They don’t know because they’ve never been there. That’s where I come in.  I’m offering virtual wrestling sessions in a ONE ON ONE environment via online tutoring.  We’ll meet on a VIDEO face to face meeting via SKYPE and I’ll give you my honest assessment on where you are in your training, how to advance your career, how to alter your appearance or anything that I think helps you.  Don’t take the word of a local trainer…take the word of a guy who’s put 50 years into this business and helped launch a dozen guys to superstardom. Take the advice of someone who’s booked several territories and been on creative teams from the territorial days to the days of NOW.  You can opt in and opt out at anytime. No obligation, no contracts. So don’t just sit and wonder where you’re headed,  get the advice that can help you realize the dream.   You owe it to yourself to find out what your chances are and how to upgrade your game.  Yes, I charge for my advice but it’s a lot cheaper than paying a wrestling school just to teach you how to hit the ropes and give and take an arm drag. Let’s talk this week. 

Write to me at my email address and I’ll give you the pricing.  This is a service offered by nobody else in this business.  Email me today!!!! 



My name is “Dirty” Dutch Mantell and I’ve been in and around this wrestling profession since the Dead Sea was just sick. That’s a long time.  On this site,  I’m going to relate some old, old stories that some of you may know but the majority of you will not. That’s the purpose of the page. These stories are an accumulation of a lifetime of listening to old Wild West wrestling stories while I either sat in the driver’s seat of an old car loaded down with wrestlers or sitting in dressing rooms all the way from California to Florida.  And as an old-timer once told me, STFU and drive.  But quite possibly,  most of you might recognize me as Zeb Colter, the Real American from WWE RAW and SmackDown managing Jack Swagger and Cesaro just a few years ago. Some of those stories will be forthcoming as well.

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This website is designed for you, the fans and consumers of all things professional wrestling.  So listen, read and enjoy these stories and tales that I’ve accumulated over my journey.  Don’t hold me to actual facts like dates and stuff…I’ve never let facts get in the way of a good story.  EDITOR”S NOTE:  Margin of error 100%. 

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