Read Dirty Dutch Mantell's stories from the territories and his thoughts on the professional wrestling business throughout the times.

Meeting Kane for the 1st time

 As I looked at him Glenn Jacobs was one big dude when I first met him. He still is. I never knew the guy existed until I was booked on an indy card against him in southern Indiana around late 1993. I can't even remember what town it was in, or for that matter, whether it was Indiana or southern Illinois. I've been in so many towns that they all blur together. But I do remember when I saw Glenn Jacobs for the first time. On this particular card, I was booked against Glenn.   As I looked at him across (READ MORE)

Dirty Dutch vs. Jerry the King Lawler Memphis, TN

The University of Dutch My name is “Dirty” Dutch Mantell and I’ve been in and around this wrestling profession since the Dead Sea was just sick. That’s a long time.  On this site,  I’m going to relate some old, old stories that some of you may know but the majority of you will not. That’s the purpose of the page. These stories are an accumulation of a lifetime of listening to old Wild West wrestling stories while I either sat in the driver’s seat of an old car loaded down with wrestlers or sitting in dressing rooms all the way (READ MORE)

The Snake Pit

The Infamous Florida Snake Pit...a place that you did not want to be in. At any time. Here's a story that I've never told before. Never. Why I don't know. I guess because I never had an opportunity to tell it. So kiddies pull up a seat and learn a little wrestling history. Years ago, around the mid-70's, I booked myself in Florida whose office headquartered in Tampa. I was like in my 2nd year as a pro and I had only worked Georgia and a little in Tennessee. Before I left, I worried that I wouldn't fit in because (READ MORE)


Most all wrestlers have a crazy story or two about where they've wrestled and under what conditions.  It's the nature of the business we chose. I've wrestled a lot of places under a lot of adverse conditions, but the one you'll read below is one that I'll never forget.   This story takes place in Atlanta, Ga.  I'd only been in the wrestling business for a year or so at the most and it was summer time...and it was one of the hottest summers that I can ever remember. Since that time,  I've been in Puerto Rico and South America and (READ MORE)

Newest Story…Bam Bam Story

Bam Bam's story Bam Bam Bigelow, without question, one of the best big man in the business. Ever. I worked with Bam Bam when he was in Memphis. Tremendous performer. Funny things you hear in dressing rooms... Here's just a short little story that Bam Bam Bigelow told me while we sat backstage in at a small independent show somewhere in Ohio. Please don't ask me where because quite frankly, I don't know. I can't remember what we were talking about but the conversation drifted to Bam Bam being drug tested while he was in the old WWF.  This is (READ MORE)

“But Honey, I’ve Never Cheated On You…Never!” Ricky Morton’s Wild Story PART 2 and 3

Ricky Morton and Robert GibsonThe Rock and Roll Express WHAT WE KNOW SO FAR:  If you've read PART 1 of the story,  you'll know that Ricky had been accused by his then life Connie of being unfaithful in their marriage,  a claim that Ricky flatly denied.  He had told Connie on more than one occasion that he had never frolicked outside their bedroom doors and while Connie wanted to believe him,  she still had doubts.  Along around that time,  Connie was thinking about undergoing a religious transformation herself as she wanted to become a Born Again Christian and she wanted young (READ MORE)

But honey, I swear! I never cheated on you!!

The Rock and Roll Express one of the greatest tag teams of all time but not in the marriage department. FOREWORD: This is a story that every married man can relate to especially men that travel such as wrestlers. Wrestlers have lives but most of live them two lives. One on the road...and one at home and those two lives should never meet. Never. Wrestlers are away from home for extended periods of times and during that time, temptation is right around the corner...almost every night. Some wrestlers could resist it and some couldn't. Temptation could in various sizes, shapes (READ MORE)

Randy Savage Meets a Police Dog…for Real!!!

STORYTIME OK little kiddies. Gather around the old fireplace and let's tell some old but true stories about the Olden Days of Pro Wrestling.  Some stories may be slightly embellished just to keep it interesting but every story is 100% true. Maybe. Enjoy.   The Macho Man Meets a Real Life K9... for Real Everybody knows Randy "the Macho Man" Savage from his days in the WWF. Not a lot of people know the Macho Man in his earlier years. I've written this story before but the story never changes. It is about an incident in Nashville, Tennessee where Randy (READ MORE)

Frost Proof, Florida and Eddie Graham

Eddie  This story goes a long way back. To the mid-70's to be exact. I had only been wrestling a couple of years when I booked myself in Florida for Championship Wrestling which was one of the leading NWA offices in the country. Back in those days, there were lots of regional promotions around the country. Not one office or promotion controlled the country like WWE does today. I had always heard that the Florida promotion had a unique wrestling style than some of the other places I'd worked. The style in Florida was a more realistic style than some (READ MORE)


This is a personal photo I took myself at WM30 in New Orleans right outside the OFFICIAL WWE Luxury Suite in the SuperDome. If participating in events like this could be produced as a drug, it would be the top selling drug of all time. Stepping out in front of 82,000 fans is a RUSH like no other. Enjoy. Want to be a Tough Guy or Want to be a Smart Guy?  Starting out in the wrestling business is different than starting out in any other business.  Not only is it a physical business but its a political one as well and sometimes (READ MORE)

Hitchhiking to the Matches??

An old photo out of the past...this is my photo that I call CLASSIC DUTCH. If you don't know, I'm a huge PHOTOSHOP fan and this photo was originally black and white and I started playing with it and somehow, I ended up with the invention above. Don't ask me how. I don't know and most likely couldn't recreate it again. Hitchhiking?  What is that some of you may ask?  According to the never wrong WikiPedia,  (sarcasm intended), here's the definition. Hitchhiking (also known as thumbing, hitching, or thumbing a ride) is a means of transportation that is gained by (READ MORE)